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Cultural Activities  
SLN Degree college, Fort, Bangalore-02
  1. Name:Cultural and Literary Committee - Samskruthika Mathu Saraswatha Vedike
  2. Description:To Enhance and Develop the cultural and literary skill in students
    We work closely with Acharya mentoring cell, YMG & Sri Janopakari Samjika MAthu Samskruthika Vedike, Rani Chennamma Women Empowerment cell for identifying students with skills.
    • To identify and encourage the potential capabilities in students.
    • To provide opportunities to bring out the talents of students.
    • To motivate, build confidence among students and providing the platform for the talents.
  3. Committee Members
    • Dr.Vedananda Murthy, Principal
    • Smt.Swpna S.Naidu
    • Smt.Tejaswini.S.H
    • Smt.Sushma Dwarakanath
  4. Programme List:
    • 2014-15:14
    • 2015-16:25
    • 2016-17:6 till date
  5. Vission and Mission:
    • To provide equal opportunities to all students.
    • Our focus is towards to train,develop and bring out talents and potentials among students.
    • Providing Cultural, Literary, environmental values and principles from various form of activities.
  6. Participation and Prizes:
    • 2013-2014:State level Cultural pragramme organized by Bangalore University, our students represented to get exposure & learn.
    • 2014-2015:Noble college of Studies, JP Nagar-our students won 3rd place in Business quiz.
    • 2014-2015: Noble college of Studies, JP Nagar-our students won 3rd place in Business quiz.
    • 2015-2016:Abbas Khan College in NATT & HAMD, Mehandi competition.
  7. Training, Development, Workshops:
    • * Janapada Folk- Singing training camp in 2015-16 by Sri.Nagesh and 2016-17 also continues training camp(Workshop) for students to enhance our folk culture
    • * A workshop on kamsale,Yakshagana and Lambani Dances for Sri. Lakshmana,Nelasogadu Janapada academy for students.
  8. Events List:
    1. Every year committee is framed taking confidence of members,it consists teaching staff from various departments & Students Representatives.
    2. Meetings are conducted periodically to understand changing needs and for collecting opinions and feedback of members towards the improvement and betterment of the committee.
      As the sole purpose of the committee is to work for enhancing culture values and importanace among students.
      • * Plan of action is planned and discussed among members of the committee keeping various views and opinions.
    3. The committee basically looks at getting students to understand and develop the skills
    • *Orientation & Inaguration of the committee
      Periodically the committee conducts orientation programme about the opportunities,new art forms,skills to be developed role and challenges of culture in life etc..
    • *We provide a stage to students to present their skills talents and bring about a positive change.
    • * Ethnic day,Freshers day:
      • We organize the freshers day for fresher to bond with other students, staff, campus and also to bring out their talents.
      • Ethnic day to bring our ethnicity,values,scope and its importance of our culture across the country,having diversity in religion,creed,caste,language and give equal importance to students who belong from various races.
    • *Founder Sri Janopakari Doddana Shetty’s Aradhana and Jayanthi.
      • We celebrate our founders life and vision and sacrifice.He was great visionary,Philanthropist,great selfless great human,soul of SLN Institute to survive.
    • *National Festivals:
      • We celebrate national festivals to represent unity,integration,diversity,nations growth,development at global platform,sacrifice of great souls,soldiers and freedom fighters.
      • -Gandhi Jayanthi-remembering father of our nation and saluting his great struggle and sacrifice.
      • -Kannada rajotsava-State’s festival freedom and recogination.
      • -Independence day and Republic day
    • *Cultural and Literary Fest:
      • We organize and conduct the cultural and literary fest, inter- class competition academic yearly to bring out identify and enhance the potentials of students.
    • Programme list:
      • -Mehandi Competition
      • -Hairstyle competition
      • -Speech competition
      • -Poetry competition
      • -Portrait sketching
      • -Drama( social Message)
      • -Singing(folk and highlighting cultural values)
      • -Cooking without Fire
      • -Mobile movie makers
    • *Special Guest Lectures:
      • Special talks are organized and conducted by eminent personalities on various topics for better understanding and hold of literature, culture, so on.
    • Guest List:
      • -Dr.G.Krishnappa,Professor,Kannada Sahithya Parishad
      • -Dr.C.P.Nagraj, Retired Kannada Professor
      • -Dr.B.N. Poornima, Kannada Professor
      • -Dr.Kudaluru Venkatappa, Kannada Professor, Author, Writer & Theater Actor
      • -Dr.Venkatappa.K, Kannada Professor
      • -Sri Santosh Hegde(Former Lokayukta head)
      • -Dr.Kashyap,Orthopedic Surgeon,Queen Elizebeth Hospital,London
      • -Dr.Shantharaju,Professor
      • -Prof.Sundar Raj
    • *Competitions:
      • We conduct quiz,debate,essay,speech competition to students on various occasions to improves the writing skills
        Also encourage students to participate at various colleges, universities, etc. inter-colleges compititions, state and national level compititions.
    • *National Youth Day: January 12th
      • We celebrate Swami Vivekananda Jayanthi, a national youth day on January 12th to provide the importance of youth role in society, its challenges and opportunities for our students.
    • *Future goals/plans:
      • Organising state level, inter- collegiate competitions-cultural and literary fest.
      • Conduct workshops on various art forms, literary activities.

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